Multicultural wedding photographer, St Pauls Cathedral, London

Alastair & Angie

“Oh, they’re beautiful!”

Civil Ceremony | St Paul’s Cathedral | London

A truly memorable wedding at a world-famous, historic landmark – St Paul’s Cathedral

An iconic landmark

St Paul’s Cathedral is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. It is an imposing building in the heart of London and the dome can be seen from miles around. 

It’s a place I’ve always walked passed and been in awe of but never really considered going inside, probably because of the huge crowds it draws! So when Alastair & Angie first contacted me about their wedding which was being held in St Paul’s, I thought it was some kind of mistake. 

Initially I thought they meant ‘in the area’, but was surprised to hear it was actually in the cathedral. And the more they described their wedding, the more it felt like some sort of scene from a movie. 

The big day

Fast forward to the big day, I started at Angie’s house in South London for getting ready shots of her and her friends and family. It was super chilled but you could sense the excitement building. 

It wasn’t long before their taxi arrived, which was my cue to jump in my car and head over to St Paul’s Cathedral. 

Meeting the bridal party outside, we spent a few moments taking portraits of Angie and her entourage within the grounds of St Paul’s. There were plenty of passers by thinking that Angie was some sort of celebrity! Which isn’t too far from the truth. Angie is a well respected Ayurvedic Yoga teacher with a big following on Instagram. 

Moments to remember forever

It was now time to enter the cathedral for the start of the wedding and it was the first time I have set foot in St Paul’s. Moments like these can stay with you forever and this one certainly will.

It was a super surreal experience as we waiting inside in a private area, away from the rest of the crowds and tourists. We had a few more moments for portraits before heading down into the crypts where the ceremony was to be held. 

The nerves were definitely building and after a few deep breathes, Angie made her way down the aisle to meet Alastair. 

The room was pin-drop silent as the ceremony was being held. The guests were equally in awe of the setting within such a historic room. Looking around the venue, the plaques on the walls revealed amazing history’s that only a few people would see. 

A ceremony steeped in history

It was genuinely one of the most remarkable ceremonies I have had the pleasure in documenting, and capturing it Alastair & Angie made it even more memorable. You could really feel the history inside the crypt, especially with the plaques on the walls commemorating historic figures.

After the ceremony, everyone headed outside onto the pavement outside St Paul’s Cathedral to mingle and congratulate the happy couple. The guests all spoke excitedly about how amazing the wedding and atmosphere was. 

Alastair & Angie were an absolute joy to work with. They loved every moment during their day, which made it easy for me to capture as a Documentary Wedding Photographer in London

It’s not often people get to visit St Paul’s. Even people that live in London and see it everyday don’t get a chance. So when the chance arose to actually photograph a wedding inside, it was an opportunity I couldn’t let go. 

And what an experience it was. I had the best time and you could tell Alastair & Angie did as well. It was an absolute pleasure being there to document their day, and here are some of their highlights. Enjoy!

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Multicultural wedding photographer, St Pauls Cathedral, London

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Cathedral is an Anglican cathedral in London, England, and is the seat of the Bishop of London. The cathedral serves as the mother church of the Diocese of London. It is on Ludgate Hill at the highest point of the City of London.

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