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Suraj & Monica

“So glad we picked you.
You were awesome’

Civil Wedding & Reception | Santorini | Greece

A scorching hot wedding in one of the most beautiful settings in the world

I first met Suraj & Monica at Suraj’s sisters wedding the previous year, and they instantly loved the images I captured. Fast forward to their big day, now it was their turn for some epic pictures on their destination wedding in Santorini.

A Dream Location

It was the first time I had been to Santorini, but of course, I had heard all about the beauty of the little island. Famous for all the Instagram photos of influencers, I knew we wouldn’t have to go far to find some stunning locations. I had arrived the day before the wedding to settle in and explore the area. But one thing that would be a challenge on the day was the temperature. It was hot! 

The wedding day had finally arrived. The venue, Santorini Gem, is a beautiful location on the west coast, overlooking the sea and other islands in the distance. It really did feel like something from a dream. The outside area for the ceremony was being set up, giving me the opportunity to head over to the house where Suraj & Monica were getting ready.

There was definitely a party atmosphere in the air as music provided the good vibes, with food and drinks flowing. Suraj and his groomsman were downstairs while Monica and her bridesmaids were upstairs. I spent this time going between the two parties for some documentary coverage as well as a few portraits. Both were in a great mood and were trying their hardest to stay cool in the rising temperature. Even the air conditioning in the house was struggling.

A Ceremony With A View

Back outside, their guests, who had come in from all over the world for this destination wedding, made their way over to the ceremony to take their seats. It was a spectacular backdrop as Suraj waited for his bride-to-be to make her entrance. One by one, the groomsman and bridesmaids made their way down the aisle, with Monica and her Dad right at the end. A beaming Suraj greeted her at the front for the start of the beautiful ceremony.

As with most weddings I cover, I go into my zone to make sure I capture everything that happens. It certainly was the case for Monica & Suraj’s wedding. However every now and then, I had to take a moment to really take in what and where I was photographing. The scene looked incredible, like something from a movie. As a destination wedding photographer, it really was a joy to capture. It wasn’t long before ceremony concluded as the newlyweds made their way back down the aisle amongst a cloud of confetti. A quick break and some much needed cold champagne, it was time to head out for some portraits.

By now, the temperature was peaking in the high 30s as we made our way to the nearest picturesque town for some portraits. Thankfully the taxi had its AC on full blast. We managed to find some quiet, yet stunning locations in the town, featuring cobbled streets, beautifully painted white walls and some famous blue domed buildings. The heat was challenging but Suraj & Monica soldiered on without any complaints. They knew this was the moment for some epic portraits and they certainly got what they wished for!

A Party, Fitting For An Incredible Occasion

Back at Santorini Gem, guests were enjoying some cold drinks and canapés, taking in the calm before the evenings reception. The sun was setting low in the sky and thankfully, a refreshing breeze was coming in from the sea. As guests gathered on the dance floor, Suraj & Monica made their entrance amongst wild cheering and dancing. After some dinner, the sun was casting a beautiful golden glow on the horizon – a perfect backdrop for some more epic portraits. The celebrations continued long into the night, with the dance floor bouncing with great music by Prit Nasha.

As a destination wedding photographer, there isn’t many better as Santorini for a location. It really does have it all. I had the best time with Suraj & Monica too. They are such a fun couple, and they set the tone for their amazing destination wedding in Santorini. And with that, here are some highlights from their amazing wedding. Enjoy!

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