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Garry & Runa

“Oh wow! Thank you so much, they look amazing!’

Elopement Wedding | The Roman Baths | Somerset

Garry & Runa’s beautiful, intimate and atmospheric elopement, at The Roman Baths.

A dramatic location

I’ve had the pleasure in photographing at The Roman Baths before, and it was up there as one of the most memorable weddings I’ve captured. As dramatic locations go, you can’t really get much better.

As soon as you enter the venue, it feels like you’ve been transported back in time. There’s so much history, you just have to pause for a few moments just to take in all its awe.

And that’s exactly what I did when I visited the Roman Baths again. But this time, it was completely empty which gave it a sense of eeriness and almost like I was trespassing.

So why did I have the Roman Baths all to myself?

Rewinding back a few months, I was contacted by Garry who had seen my work on the Roman Baths website as their preferred supplier. He loved what he saw and wanted to see if I could help with his wedding.

He was planning on having an elopement ceremony with his fiancĂ©, Runa, and they couldn’t have chosen a more stunning setting. I was super excited to be a part of their wedding, especially as there would only be around six people present. It was an absolute honour that I would be the one capturing it too. Plus it was the first time I would have photographed such a small wedding.

The Big Day

So fast forward to their wedding day. Standing alone in the Roman Baths, I calmly walked around and captured some detail shots. I could have spent hours doing this, but in reality, I had minutes.

Because outside the Pump Room, Garry and Runa had just arrived in their taxi. Both looked excited but equally as nervous. The registrars and witnesses were waiting by the arch side of the baths as the couple made their way towards them.

An intimate moment to remember forever

By now, the sun was starting to set, providing an atmospheric vibe over the venue. I silently walked around the venue, capturing this super-intimate moment between Garry & Runa. The nerves were quickly replaced with sheer joy and smiles as they were announced as husband and wife. The relief on their faces was there for all to see.

Once the signing of the register was complete, it was time to take advantage of this incredible space. And there was no shortage of opportunities for portraits.

It felt even more eery with just the three of us now, and by the end, it was pitch black but for the ambient light from the fire lamps. The final moments were spent back at their hotel with its quirky lounge. But by then, we had captured many lovely portraits.

But what can I say about Garry & Runa’s wedding? It was the first time I had captured an elopement and it was an amazing experience. And with the added drama of the location, it made it extra special.

As an Elopement Wedding Photographer, working with these two was brilliant. The nerves at the beginning were totally understandable. But once they both tied the knot, you could really see them start to relax and enjoy the moment in each others company. Half the time, they forgot I was still there capturing the moments between them!

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Elopement wedding, Bath, The Roman Baths, Somerset

The Roman Baths

The Roman Baths is arguably one of the most stunning and romantic locations in the country for weddings.
Before the museum opens, or after it closes, you may exchange your vows beside the torch lit and steaming waters of the Great Bath.