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Amar & Nikita

“We absolutely love the pictures! Thank you so much!’

Hindu Wedding & Reception | Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park | London

An incredible day at a truly stunning venue in the heart of London

Something about central London weddings hit a bit different. Especially when they’re bang in the heart at one of the most iconic hotels in the city. 

Amar & Nikita chose the stunning Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park in Knightsbridge as the venue for their Hindu Wedding & Reception. Let’s just say, as an Asian Wedding Photographer in London, it’s probably the most beautiful hotels I’ve stepped foot in. 

The noise, colour and celebrations

It was an early start. I arrived in the capital before the influx of the crowds and made my way into the hotel. The room where the Hindu Wedding was to be held was almost complete, and the finishing touches to the decor was being applied by Flowers on the Hill. 

I then made my way up to see Nikita in one of the biggest hotel rooms I’ve seen, overlooking Hyde Park. Keyury Desai, the make up artist, was finishing up as I took a few candid shots. 

Meanwhile, Amar was getting ready a few minutes walk away in another hotel. I had a few moments with him and his brothers, as he was preparing himself for an epic day ahead. 

Back at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, guests were quickly arriving and started to congregate on South Carriage Drive – A wide road open for pedestrians and cyclists only. 

Amar was ready and waiting for the start of his Jaan arrival. As the procession made their way down the drive, there were scores of people stopping and taking in the celebrations, filming on their phones. The noise and colour was certainly a giveaway! 

Once both families had greeted, they made their way into the venue to take their seats. It wasn’t long before Nikita, looking stunning, entered the room and made her way down to the mandap. 

The Hindu Wedding Ceremony was beautifully conducted by Apurv Jani, with live background music performed by Mistry Music. It certainly was a ceremony full of joy, tears and laughter. 

The portrait sessions

One part of the day I always look forward to are the couples portraits, and this wedding was no exception. Especially when you have a location like the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, and Hyde Park right on the doorstep. 

Amar & Nikita felt in familiar and natural territory when it came to directing them for poses, as well as being in front of the camera. We had met a few weeks prior for their pre-wed session which was a lot of fun. 

A break followed, allowing the couple and their guests to get some rest as well as change for the evenings entertainment. Once they were changed into their reception outfits, Amar & Nikita made their way back downstairs for further portraits. 

This time round, we took advantage of the hotel’s beautiful interior by finding unique and quirky spots. I always try to gauge how the couple are feeling during the portraits session, and how creative they want to get. And these two were super fun to work with, allowing me to vary up the poses and locations.

An evening of high energy

Guests were quickly filling up the garden of the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, enjoying the drinks reception. Soulful background music was provided by saxophonist, Pavan Verma, who also performed at my own wedding!

A few minutes later, Amar & Nikita made their way out on the top of the stairs, and were welcomed with a huge round of applause and cheers. With the light fading fast, guests made their way into the main room for the cake cutting. 

Everything about this wedding was unique. From the food, the decor, the outfits and the venue. But one other thing I loved was that the couple planned their day the way they wanted, I.e. not conforming to traditions. And this was evident during the reception. 

There was no seating plan. I’m fact, there weren’t even any tables in the main room. Amar & Nikita wanted to create a relaxed vibe amongst their guests, where they were free to walk around and talk with one another. By removing the barriers of tables, their plan worked brilliantly. 

The cake cutting, speeches and even the first dance had a more intimate feel and you could really feel the energy around the room. 

And this energy did not let up one bit for the rest of the night. It was a joy being there, not only to witness it, but to document every memorable moment and more. 

Amar & Nikita’s wedding really was spectacular and they were an absolute pleasure to work with. As an Asian Wedding Photographer in London, I also hope I can visit the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park again in the near future. 

Here are a few highlights from their day. Enjoy!

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