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Parth & Priya

“These are incredible! Absolutely smashed it. Thanks a million!’

Hindu Wedding & Reception | Sri Krishna Haveli | The Grange Country House | London

A hugely entertaining day, filled with laughs, tears and good times.

Following on from Shyam & Asha’s wedding last year, it was now time for Asha’s sister, Priya’s big day. Asha and Priya also happen to be my first cousins daughters, so it was definitely a family affaire.

The Start of an Amazing Day

I was also back at one of my favourite venues, The Bhaktivedanta Manor in London, but in particular, The Sri Krishna Haveli. It was an early start as family members and guests started arriving. Priya was getting ready in the bridal suite and after a quick hello, attentions turned to Parth’s arrival.

His family were already at the front of the Haveli as his classic car rolled up to the front. He then made his way into the Haveli which sparked wild cheering, dancing and singing. It was a raucous start which would definitely set the tone for the rest of the day.

The Sri Krishna Haveli, sometimes known as The Manor Haveli, looked beautiful in the summer light. The large window behind the mandap was flooding the hall in natural light which is a wedding photographers dream. After a short welcoming ceremony between Parth and Priya’s families, they made their way down the aisle to the mandap. Cue a huge scramble for Parth’s shoes, a traditional Indian game where both sides of the try to steal or save them. Let’s just say, the best man had to get his wallet out later to get them back.

Once seated in the mandap and another short ceremony performed, Priya was introduced and made her way down into the hall where she would meet Parth. It was a lovely ceremony full of laughs and tears, which is all you can ask for as an Asian Wedding Photographer.

Switching Focus

After the ceremony had concluded, we took the opportunity to take some beautiful, natural couples portraits in the stunning grounds of Bhaktivedanta Manor. There are so many locations and unique spots to be found as we calmly worked our way around to a lot of them. The weather was certainly on our side, providing us with a gorgeous, warm glow.

It wasn’t long before everyones focus turned to the evenings event, which was to be held at The Grange in Northwood. After a short break for people to change and relax, guests made they’re way across town for the drinks reception on the lawn.

An Incredible Finale

The drinks were flowing and the good times continued as people took their seats inside for the grand entrance of Parth & Priya. With more great food, drinks, speeches and dancing, it was certainly an evening that will be remembered for years to come.

I had an incredible time with Parth & Priya. As an Asian Wedding Photographer in London, you look for moments that can encapsulate the day and tell a story from start to finish. This wedding had it all, and here are a selection of images from their amazing day. Enjoy!

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