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Sai-Vinosh & Kinjal

“The pictures look incredible!’

Hindu Wedding & Reception | Northbrook Park | Surrey

Part two of their wedding celebrations. And this time it concluded with an epic party to round off an amazing week.

A week previously, Sai-Vinosh & Kinjal started their celebrations and their union with a beautiful Tamil Wedding at Stockley Park. Fast forward a week, now it was the turn for their Hindu Wedding. The two weddings symbolise the coming together of two beautiful cultures and two incredible people. As a Hindu Wedding Photographer, I was definitely looking forward to this one.

The Serene Northbrook Park

As a Hindu Wedding Photographer, Northbrook Park is a venue I have visited and photographed more than any other. However, it is one of those places that I will never tire of coming back to. It has such variety and natural beauty, making it an absolute joy in getting gorgeous shots of the couple as well as their guests.

On this occasion, I have never been here when the conditions are almost freezing. It really was a winter wonderland on a crisp and serene January morning.

After getting a few scene-setting shots around the venue, I headed into the main house to capture some getting-ready shots of Kinjal and Sai-Vinosh. As they were both in the same house, they tried their best not to see each other before the ceremony, which is not easy feat! But they managed to do so nonetheless.

The Start of Celebrations

As Sai-Vinosh’s side of the family gathered at the start of the gravel path, they didn’t have to wait long before the groom himself arrived. He would also make his way down the gravel path towards the Vine Room via a traditional Indian Rickshaw, flanked by his friends with colour smoke grenades. It certainly set the tone for the rest of the day.

Kinjal’s family welcomed the groom and his entourage for the start of the Hindu Wedding, conducted by female priest, Chanda Vyas. Sai-Vinosh made his way into the mandap area after a short ceremony. With him covered by a makeshift curtain (the antarpat), Kinjal made her way down the aisle accompanied by her brother to great the beaming groom, as the curtain was lowered.

The good energy and happiness had remained from the week before. There were so many smiles, and not just from the happy couple. Guests were truly loving the occasion, and taking in all the traditions. There are a few similarities between Tamil and Hindu Weddings, as guests from both backgrounds learned about new rituals and ceremonies.

Upon the conclusion of the ceremony, guests headed off for a spot of lunch, freeing up the couple for some portraits. It was still bright outside, making it ideal conditions to captured some classic portraits around the grounds of Northbrook Park.

But it wasn’t long until attentions switched to the evening, and the finale of their wedding celebrations…

A Night to Remember

As the sun dipped below the horizon, we had just enough light remaining in the late afternoon to capture a few couples portraits, and this time in the beautiful reception outfits. We barely had minutes though, but it was enough to take advantage of the available light.

Guests had made their way into the orangery and taking their seats, awaiting the newlyweds to make their entrance. They didn’t have to wait long as Sai-Vinosh & Kinjal entered amongst huge cheers and fanfare. The levels did not drop. In fact, they only amplified. There were surprise dance performances from their friends, which Sai-Vinosh was also a part of this only to Kinjal’s surprise.

With speeches bringing out the best reactions, and the first dance bringing out all the emotions, the dance floor opened and stayed bouncing into the late hours.

An Amazing Occasion to be a Part of

As mentioned at the top, this was the final instalment of Sai-Vinosh & Kinjal’s wedding celebrations. It had been a beautiful journey with these two, going back to when they first enquired and the many planning calls we had. To the first time we met and worked together for their pre-wed shoot. To finally, their two huge wedding celebrations. It had been an absolute pleasure working with these two.

They trusted my vision as a Hindu Wedding Photographer, and were the most chilled people I have worked with. Their weddings were a true reflections of them as people, their amazing cultures and their beautiful relationship. I loved capturing all that happened and hopefully you can see the joy and energy in every frame.

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Hindu wedding photographer, Northbrook Park, Farnham, Surrey, fusion wedding

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