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Shailen & Minal

“These shots are incredible and exactly what we were hoping for!’

Hindu Wedding & Reception | Hilton Syon Park | London

Shailen & Minal’s wedding was a whirlwind from start finish, and what a journey it was.

And the journey began on a sunny and already warm morning in Hilton Syon Park. There was a flurry of activity around the main hall, as suppliers were arriving early to set up. It always amazes me how quickly things come together before a wedding, and this one was no exception.

A unique setting

Wed In Style were providing the decor, including a stunning hanging mandap. It was something I’ve never seen before and it looked incredible. Straight away, I knew the wedding was going to be a bit special.

While the supplier circus was doing its thing, I made my escape and headed up to see how Minal getting along. She was in a really excited mood with family members around her sharing the same energy. There was even time for her to have some hash browns dipped in baked beans – each to their own, right?

After a few portraits of Minal and her family and friends, it was time to do the same for Shailen a few doors down. He was in a really relaxed mood and was ready to make his entrance shortly.

Meanwhile, guests were already congregating outside the venue, ready for the grand entrance. They didn’t have to wait long before Shailen joined his Jaan to officially kick off the day. It was certainly a lively and colourful start, with smoke grenades providing a dramatic background amongst wild dancing and loud beats provided by dhol players.

A scorching start

At this point, the sun was blazing high in the sky while Shailen’s friends and family danced their way over to Minal’s family for the start of the ceremony. The crowd soon made their way into the venue for some respite from the sun and to cool down in the air conditioned room. Once guests were seated, Shailen made his entrance after a brief welcoming ceremony, and take his place under the impressive hanging mandap.

Shortly after, a beaming Minal, accompanied by her brother, made her way down the aisle to meet Shailen on the stage. What followed was a ceremony full of laughs, tears and lots of fun. Both were smiling constantly throughout, as were their friends and family. And the setting looked incredible. The hanging mandap added an elegance i’ve never seen before, and provided myself, and guests, an uninterrupted view of everything that was happening.

Once the Hindu Wedding had concluded, guests departed for lunch, giving myself and the couple the opportunity for some portraits. Hilton Syon Park has many lovely spots for portraits, including the conservatory. Unfortunately, another wedding was being held there so we couldn’t use space, but we managed to find a private gated garden which offered plenty of possibilities.

Amongst some special guests

We also discovered that Germany woman’s national football team were staying here during the Euro 2021 tournament. I’m pretty sure we provided entertainment for them while we we shooting in this private area (permission granted, of course)! The sun was beaming down with harsher light than ever, but we used this to our advantage to get so classic portraits, as well as getting a bit more creative.

It was time to escape the heat once more, as Shailen & Minal departed to their room to get prepared for the next part of the day – the reception. After a short break, guests started arriving for the drinks reception as the finishing touches to the main room was being made. The hanging mandap remained, and this time above the head table. It was a great use of the structure, which looked equally dramatic under different set up.

As guests made their way in to the venue to take their seats, it wasn’t long before Shailen & Minal danced their way to the middle amongst wild cheers. And the celebrations continued with high energy and good vibes throughout the evening. Once the dance floor opened, it stayed packed until the late hours. DJ Shraii of Musical Movements and the Asian Network provided the entertainment throughout the night.

As an Asian Wedding Photographer, weddings like these are what it’s all about. I had an amazing time with Shailen & Minal for their Hindu Wedding & Reception at Hilton Syon Park. Them and their families were very welcoming, humble and extremely enjoyable to work with. And I think it shows in the vibrancy and fun shown in their images.

Speaking of which, here are some highlights from their day. Enjoy!

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Hindu Wedding & Reception, Hilton Syon Park, London

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