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Nick & Chantelle

“The photos are amazing.
Can’t wait to show everyone!’

Pre-wedding shoot | Bath | Somerset

An incredible couple from down under, visiting the UK for their pre-wedding shoot

As an Asian Wedding Photographer, I get to work with amazing couples from many different backgrounds. It’s one of the main reasons why I love doing what I do. It’s these relationships and stories that provide the energy and motivation I need to create a visual legacy for them, forever. And stories don’t get much incredible than Nick & Chantelle’s.

An Enquiry Like No Other

When their initial enquiry landed in my inbox, I had to read it a couple of times to let it sink in. Mainly because they live in Sydney, Australia, and were looking for a Destination Wedding Photographer to capture their pre-wedding shoot in the UK. “We absolutely fell in love with your shoots!” – wrote Chantelle. I was stunned that they found me and ultimately chose me to document this incredible occasion for them. Goes to show that all the SEO efforts I’m putting into my website is paying off!

After a few planning calls we settled on Bath, Somerset, as the location. The couple had previously visited the city a few years previously and fell in love with the history and beauty of it.

A Historic Setting

The day had finally arrived, and it was a bright yet fresh, early spring morning. It just so happened to be a Bank Holiday Monday following King Charles’ Coronation, so people were slow to wake up and explore the city. However, this worked to our advantage.

Staying near the city, I arrived very early to scout out the pre-planned locations for portraits. I have previously photographed weddings in Bath, so I was very familiar with the best spots as well as a route to maximise the time we had. It wasn’t long before both Nick & Chantelle arrived, and they looked absolutely incredible. You could tell they were looking forward to the session and they certainly looked the part.

Starting at the famous Bath Abbey, we took advantage of the empty streets. I have only been here when it’s packed full of people, so it was weird seeing it so quiet. Adjacent to the Abbey is The Roman Baths which we also used as a backdrop. From there, we followed our pre-planned route, hitting all the popular spots before it got super busy. This included Pulteney Bridge, Laura Place Fountain, Henrietta Park and of course, the Royal Crescent. Along the way, locals and passerby’s congratulated them and complemented on how incredible they looked.

A Moment to Remember

As a Destination Wedding Photographer, I love hearing about people’s adventures and back stories. Their love of travel was evident and soon after their trip to the UK, they were heading off to Japan before returning home to Sydney. It was great getting to know Nick & Chantelle and I really enjoyed documenting this moment in their lives. I am sure they have many more to come! Here are some highlights from their pre-wed shoot in Bath:

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