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Anish & Harpreet

“Aw you’re amazing! You’ve captured so much emotion in your shots’

Sikh Wedding | Sikh Gurdwara Cardiff | Wales

A lovely, intimate Sikh Wedding full of joy, laughter… and rain

As a Sikh Wedding Photographer, I rarely get to visit Wales but I should really make more of an effort to in future. And when I do get to go, every time I cross the spectacular Severn Bridge, I get that buzz of excitement. It was no different when I was making my way to Anish & Harpreet’s Sikh Wedding.

A grey start but spirits were bright

After staying in Cardiff the night before, I headed over to Harpreet’s family home in the morning for getting ready. The vibe was very chilled and everyone was excited for the day ahead. It wasn’t long before the rain started coming down, and it didn’t stop for the whole day! However, this didn’t dampen any spirits.

There was also a lovely moment when many of Harpreet’s work colleagues gathered outside her house for a socially-distanced send off (as were the restrictions back then). Harpreet looked amazing in her Sikh wedding dress, and this caused many gasps and tears of joy from her friends who wished they were able to come to the wedding.

It wasn’t long before the brides family started making their way over to the Sikh Gurdwara Cardiff. Meanwhile, Anish was getting his own prep underway over at the Canada Lodge & Lake, where the reception would be in the evening. My colleague, Sheetal, was documenting this all, including his pagh (turban) being tied.

Guests gathering at the Gurdwara

Over at the Gurdwara, the brides family had arrived and Harpreet was safely hidden away in the bridal room upstairs. It wasn’t long before Anish’s family had arrived and were welcomed in for the start of the milni ceremony.

The Sikh Gurdwara Cardiff is one of the loveliest, intimate Gurdwaras I have had the pleasure in visiting. It had been a church in its previous life, but most of the character from the old building was retained such as the stained glass windows and high, wooden, beamed ceilings. It was a lovely setting for a beautiful wedding.

With Anish now sat at the front and all family members seated, the stage was set for Harpreet to make her entrance with her father and brother.

The ceremony was beautiful amongst such a lovely setting. And being both dentists, the couples smiles were beaming, as were those of their families. It was a wedding full of joy and happiness and it was a privilege documenting it all.

A beautifully intimate reception

Following the conclusion of the Sikh Wedding, it was time for everyone to head over to the Canada Lodge & Lake for a small reception. The rain was still teaming down but the scenery at the venue was still amazing, nonetheless.

I had a really amazing time with Anish & Harpreet during their big day. Both were super-chilled throughout their wedding and it was just pure happiness from start to finish. As a Sikh Wedding Photographer, that is all you can ask for, to capture the best moments. And talking of moments, here are some of the highlights from their day – enjoy!

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Sikh wedding photographer, Cardiff, Wales, Sikh Gurdwara Cardiff

Sikh Gurdwara Cardiff

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