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Sai-Vinosh & Kinjal

“The pictures look incredible!’

Tamil Wedding | Stockley Marquee | London

Sai-Vinosh & Kinjal’s Tamil Wedding was a celebration of love, and it was a joy being there to document it all.

A Fusion of Traditions

Love knows no boundaries, and when two souls from different cultural backgrounds come together, it creates a tapestry of beauty and diversity. Such was the case with Sai-Vinosh and Kinjal, whose love story transcended borders and culminated in a grand celebration of their union. On a crisp January day, Stockley Park witnessed a magnificent Tamil wedding, setting the stage for a week later when they would partake in a Hindu ceremony to honour Kinjal’s Gujarati heritage.

The blending of cultures formed a joyous occasion. Sai-Vinosh’s Sri Lankan background and Kinjal’s Gujarati roots created a unique fusion of customs, bringing together vibrant colours, enchanting sounds, and a rich tapestry of rituals. As a Tamil Wedding Photographer, this is everything I look for when capturing such moments.

The Venue

Situated on the outskirts of Greater London, Stockley Park served as the picturesque backdrop for Sai-Vinosh and Kinjal’s Tamil wedding. Despite the cold morning, the venue exuded warmth and elegance. The marquee, set amongst sprawling green lawns provided a tranquil setting for the auspicious ceremony. Arriving early at the venue, this gave me the chance to wonder grounds and to scout locations for the portrait session later. It was so cold, even the lake had frozen over.

The Tamil Wedding Ceremony

The Tamil wedding ceremony was a vibrant affair filled with sacred rituals and age-old traditions. Sai-Vinosh and Kinjal honoured these customs while incorporating elements from their respective backgrounds. The couple, dressed in traditional Tamil attire, embarked on their journey as life partners with the blessings of their families and the divine presence.

The auspicious sounds of the nadaswaram (a traditional South Indian wind instrument) echoed through the air, as the couple exchanged garlands, symbolising their acceptance of each other. The sacred fire, known as Agni, bore witness to their union, as the couple walked around it, taking their vows.

After the conclusion of the Tamil Wedding ceremony guests enjoyed their delicious, traditional lunch, while we headed outside for the portraits session. The light was fading fast in the early winter afternoon, and the temperature was still in single figures. However, Sai-Vinosh & Kinjal were absolute troopers braving the freezing temperatures. We took advantage of low sun and golden light to get some beautiful portraits around the grounds of Stockley Park – perfect for a Tamil Wedding Photographer to get creative with.

Looking Ahead

As Sai-Vinosh and Kinjal’s Tamil wedding concluded, the focus soon switched to part two of their wedding celebrations. This time it was for their Hindu wedding, which would take place a week later at Northbrook Park. Having photographed here many times in the past, it was certainly one I was looking forward to. And if their Tamil Wedding was anything to go by in terms of how much fun it was to document, I could tell I wasn’t going to be disappointed.

A Day Full of Emotions

I had an amazing time documenting Sai-Vinosh and Kinjal’s Tamil Wedding. They make a wonderful couple and were so easy to work with. It definitely shows in their images! There were so many emotions to capture, but the overriding ones were of joy and love. They were absolutely living their best life. It was a pretty full-on day but certainly kept me on my toes. There was never a dull moment, and as a Tamil Wedding Photographer, you wish for emotion and colour, and their wedding had it in abundance.

The second part of their celebrations at Northbrook Park will follow, but for now, here are some highlights from their epic Tamil Wedding. Enjoy!

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